Marshalls Update # 2

Here are some of the latest pictures. My son and I got to enjoy our second blue jay game as my wife and daughter went out shopping.

The weather has been just beauitful here. We have yet to go to the beach (just the FREEZING cold pool) but rest assured we should be getting there within the next few days.

We are keeping you all in our prayers and look forward to seeing everyone when we return.

Marshall's Vacation Update #1

Greetings one and all from sunny Florida!

We have all arrived safe and sound and the sun is shining and the temps are very enjoyable.

Thus far we have enjoyed the pool, worked on a sun tan, done some prelim shopping, Adam got his hairs cut and tonight Adam and I are headed off to the bluejay game in Dunedin vs the Cincinnati Reds.

Here are some pics - enjoy!

Good Friday

The Wonder Of Your Cross by Robin Mark

The wonder of your cross shall be our meditation
To gather in that shadow when the sun went down
To weep with those who thought that you were leaving,
You were leaving, Jesus
The humble King who never wore an earthly crown.

To steal away at night when they took down your body.
With love and tears to leave You in a borrowed grave
To go with Mary to the place they laid You,Where they laid You, Jesus
And in the morning find the stone was rolled away

The cross, O the wonderful cross
What Glory, what victory, I've found
I'll come to the wonderful cross
And my whole life I lay down

Were heaven's praises silent in those hours of darkness?
Your Holy Spirit brooding round that empty throne?
Until the declaration "He is Risen", You are risen, Jesus,
"He is not dead, behold He lives for evermore".

Copyright © 2004 Integrity's Hosanna! Music.

The Easter Season has come!

This weekend we are going to REMEMBER with hearts full of thankfulness and CELEBRATE with joy to brighten the spirits of the nations!

A special Good Friday Service will be held at 10:30AM on March 21. This will be a sacred time of meaningful reflection on our Saviour's love for all.

The greatest celebration of all will begin Sunday morning with the full community of believers in St Albert gathering at City Hall for a Sunrise Service. This will take place at 7:30AM at the front doors of City Hall.

The men of St Albert Salvation Army will once again be serving up a delectable breakfast at the church! Join us at 9:45 for this special time of sharing as a church family (and of course, to enjoy being served by our men!).

Our Resurrection Celebration Service will start Sunday morning at 11AM. All are welcome - come aniticipating a joyful time of praising our Risen Lord!

Upcoming Programs

Pioneer Club @6:30pm
Floor Hockey @7:00pm & 8:15pm
Men's Breakfast at Golden Dynasty @7:30am
Young Adults @7:00pm

Easter is Coming......!

Palm Sunday - March 16 - Service at 11:00am
Good Friday - March 21 - Service at 10:30am
Easter Sunday - March 23 - Service at 11:00am

Sunday March 9, 2008

This coming Sunday we will continue in our lenten journey as we "Hear from God" through the drama of DYSMAS - The thief on the cross played by Stefan Van Schaick. Capt Les will follow up with a meditative thought.

See you on Sunday at 11am sharp (dont forget the clocks)!

Time Change

Yes it is that time of year again to spring ahead.

Don't forget to change your clocks ahead one hour this coming Saturday evening that way you won't be late for Church on Sunday morning!

See you then!

This week....

Drama Class @ 7:30pm

Small Groups Dinner @ 6:30pm
Small Groups @ 7:30

Ministry Executive Board Mtg @ 7:00pm

Pioneer Club @ 6:30pm
Band Practise @ 8:15pm

Floor Hockey @ 7:00pm

CRAVE Youth Group @ 7:00pm

Worship Team Practise @ 9:00am
Prayer Meeting @ 10:30am
Worship Service @ 11:00am
Sunday School Leaders Luncheon @ 12:30pm

Provincial Election Day

Monday March 3, 2008 is our provincial election here in Alberta. All of the debates, the advertising, the signage, the promises now complete, the rest is up to the voter. So what will it be?

PC vs Liberal vs Alliance vs NDP vs Green

Who will be the next Premier of Alberta?

Here's the latest angus reid poll results....

Progressive Conservative 42%
Liberal 31%
Wildrose Alliance Party 10%
New Democratic Party 9%
Green Party 8%

Fulfill your democratic right and get out and vote so that your voice is counted.


Today in church we had a visit from Pontius Pilate (played by Joe Ludlow) and then Captain Tiffany brought forth the meditation from God's Word.

The praise & worship was awesome and a blessing. If you were unable to attend this week you don't miss another. Next Sunday the thief on the cross will make a "guest appearance" at Church and we will hear from His perspective as we continue with our "Hearing From God" Lenten series.

See you then!