Womens Camp

At long last, this coming weekend is womens camp at Pine Lake. Be sure to be praying for all of the ladies who will be attending for them to experience God's presence and draw closer to Him.

Have a great time ladies!

Rainmaker Rodeo Parade

Once again the Annual Parade has come to a conclusion. I wouls like to thank all who participated in preparing and riding on this years float. Special thanks to Edmonton Temple band for their willingness to come march and play.

The parade was a tremendous success all except the last 100 yards when 2 of our young people tried to get off of the moving trailer. In so doing they fell and hurt themselves. Both kids went to hospital -one left with a cast and the other limped away.

All in a days work - never a dull moment in St Albert!

Special Guests

This coming Sunday Majors Lee & Deborah Graves will be at the Church with Major Lee bringing forth the message.

Immediately following the service there will be a BBQ luncheon for everyone in attendance which we be an opportunity to say farewell to both the Graves and the Van Duinens as they prepare for their new appointments in Ontario.

Make sure that you plan on attending this Sunday at 11:am


Anyone that would like to volunteer for our summer program "Soul Sportz" would be GREATLY appreciated. It runs Monday toFriday 12:30-4:30. Invite your friends, invite your friend's friend's. The more help the better! It is going to be an awesome summer and we would love to get to know you more and help teach these kids about God's awesome love. If you have any questions please contact Courtney Marshall, Nicole Robinson or Jon Savage.

Just a quick reminder...

Capt's Les and Tiffany Marshall have left for a few days. If you have any urgent questions, call the office and Marcia, Maggie or Jon would be glad to assist you in any ways possible. Have a great week back to work!

Minor Prophets Sermon Series Concludes

This Sunday May 20, 2007 Capt Les will be concluding the current 5 week mini series based on the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament.

This week he will conclude with looking into the book of Nahum and its relevance for our lives today.

If you can, be sure to read Nahum 1:1-15 before getting to Church so that you will have a good idea of the textual foundation for the message entitled...

"God - Our Refuge"

See you Sunday at 11:00am

Camping Season Opens

Guess what - at long last it is time to drain the holding tanks, wax the outside, pack up and head out to your favorite camping hideaway.

Don't delay, be safe, drive carefully and make sure that you wave at John & Marcia as they pass you by on their way to Radium Hot Springs in BC.

Just look out for them - Here is the last sighting that we had of them with their new rig.

Blessings and enjoy...


It finally here - its the Victoria Day long weekend!

What is Victoria Day?

Queen Victoria was born on May 24th but Canadians celebrate Victoria Day on the Monday before May 25. People in England celebrate it in June. Victoria Day became a popular holiday in Ontario (it was Canada West back then) in 1845 and a national holiday in 1901. During the 1900s, it used to be called Empire Day and then it changed to Commonwealth Day. Now Canadians call it Victoria Day.

Who Was Queen Victoria?

Victoria, who was queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and empress of India, was born in 1819. She was only 18 when she took over the throne in 1837 after her uncle George IV died. She ruled until her death in 1901, then her son Edward the VII became the King of England.


Here is a tribute to all Mothers around the world.....

"I love you," - by Carl Sandburg
I love you,"said a great mother."
I love you for what you are
knowing so well what you are.
And I love you more yet, child,
deeper yet than ever, child,
for what you are going to be,
knowing so well you are going far,
knowing your great works are ahead,
ahead and beyond,
yonder and far over yet."

Mothers Day - is coming

Last chance everyone!

This Sunday is Mom's Day! Be nice and so her the respect that she deserves.


What an awesome service yesterday morning! Congratulations to Jon & Tracy as they prepare to head to CFOT Winnipeg, special thanks to Captain Peter Van Duinen for his presentation and a resounding thank you to all in attendance who were so supportive OF our newest candidates and prospective future candidates.

Most of all prasie be to God for His abundant blessing, His grace and His mercy - He is truly an AWESOME GOD.

The Salvation Army Canadian Territory Move Day

Today is the annual move announcement day where many families across this great territory find out if they are on the move.

Feel free to click on to the link provided for more details.


You will discover that the Alberta division has seen alot of change in this move. Here are some listed below .....


Majors Bob & Shirley Ratcliff - Retiring
Majors Brian & Anne Venables - Going to Regina SK
Majors Lee & Debbie Graves - Going to Ottawa ON
Captains Peter & Lee Ann Van Duinen - Going to Parry Sound ON
Majors Larry & Lynda Farley - Going to Chilliwack BC


Majors Eric & Donna Bond - New Divisional Leaders
Majors Fred & Wendy Waters - New Area Commanders
Major Bev Call - New DSBA
Captain Darlene Burt - New DYS
Captains Don & Donna Bladen - New Officer at Edmonton Temple
Cadets Jason & Tammy Sabourin - New Officer in Red Deer

Please be sure to pray for these and other families that now find themselves moving on to new appointments.


This is a reminder that this coming Sunday we will be focusing on the call that God places upon our lives.

As we continue in our five week mini series on the minor prophets this week we will look into the book and life of Jonah and discover the call that God laid upon his heart and how God continues to call people today.

With that in mind, as Jon & Tracy have been called into full time ministry, we will be collecting a special offering to assist them toward their entry into the College for Officer Training this coming September.

During the service we will be inviting other people who feel called to full time ministry or called in others ways to express their calling this coming Sunday.

Don't miss out this Sunday, be sure to come, read the book of Jonah in advance and come prepared to celebrate the fact that God is still calling and that people are hearing, listening and responding.


It is my pleasure to announce the newest candidates for Salvation Army Officership -Jon & Tracy Savage.

At the recommendation of our Church along with the endorsement of DHQ and now THQ the Savages will be entering the College for Officer training this September to begin their two year training program.

I now ask that you lift up Jon & Tracy, Kurtis and Kassandra in prayer asking God to continue to guide and direct them, to strengthen them and to give them discernment as they and there family follow the calling that God has placed before them.