The Salvation Army Canadian Territory Move Day

Today is the annual move announcement day where many families across this great territory find out if they are on the move.

Feel free to click on to the link provided for more details.

You will discover that the Alberta division has seen alot of change in this move. Here are some listed below .....


Majors Bob & Shirley Ratcliff - Retiring
Majors Brian & Anne Venables - Going to Regina SK
Majors Lee & Debbie Graves - Going to Ottawa ON
Captains Peter & Lee Ann Van Duinen - Going to Parry Sound ON
Majors Larry & Lynda Farley - Going to Chilliwack BC


Majors Eric & Donna Bond - New Divisional Leaders
Majors Fred & Wendy Waters - New Area Commanders
Major Bev Call - New DSBA
Captain Darlene Burt - New DYS
Captains Don & Donna Bladen - New Officer at Edmonton Temple
Cadets Jason & Tammy Sabourin - New Officer in Red Deer

Please be sure to pray for these and other families that now find themselves moving on to new appointments.