This Coming Weekend....

Saturday - Wedding for Laura & Stefan at the Church at 2:00pm

Sunday - Worship at 11:00am led by Candidates Jon & Tracy Savage

During the service there will be a baby dedication for Bailee Emma Gale led by Candidates Jon & Tracy.

Be sure to come and support our church family this weekend!


This week the new leadership team of the newly formed "Prairie" division (based in Edmonton) have now all arrived.

Please join me and welcome the new team .....

Major's Eric and Donna Bond - Divisional Leaders

Major's Fred & Wendy Waters - Northern Alberta Area Commanders
Major's Ron & Toni Cartmell - Southern Alberta Area Commanders
Major's Brian & Anne Venables - Saskatchewan Area Commanders
Major Bev Call - Divisional Secretary for Business Admin
Major's Roy & Sandy Langer - Emergency & Disaster Services/Seniors,Volunteers, & Retired Officers Secretary
Captain Darlene Burt - Divisional Youth Secretary

Suggested Readings

If you are looking for some good reading over the course of the summer be sure to check out the following...

1. Salvationist Magazine - Especially August issue

There are some great articles dealing with Sports Ministries.

While we do offer some sports ministry currently with our Eight week summer day camp program called "Soul Sportz" and a fall/winter ball hockey league, we need to do more.

Our Church board will be discussing some more possiblities in the near future - stay tuned.

2. My Adventures with Christ - Memoirs of an Officer by Major Ted Percy

This book is now on sale for $18.00 including shipping and handling. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of your own please contact the Church office as soon as possible.

Employment Opportunities

We are currently looking for three positions to be filled before Sept 1, 2007.

Director of Children & Youth Ministries (Part Time Position)
To coordinate, facilitate, oversee and lead (as required) all aspects of Children & Youth Ministries ensuring to fulfill the five fold purpose of the Church (Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Service and Fellowship)

Office Administrator (Full Time Position)
To receive, meet and greet all who come into the church throughout the week, to maintain and perform all necessary responsibilities of the general office on a daily basis and assist the CFS Coordinator with clients needs.

Church Property Coordinator (Part Time Position)
To coordinate, oversee, carry out and maintain all aspects of indoor and exterior maintenance at the Church property.

If you are looking for an exciting opportunity in a Christian workplace and feel that you have the necessary skills than please feel free to submit a resume to the Church office as soon as possible.

Soul Sportz 2007

Once again we have begun our summer day camp program.

This year the day camp offers 8 different themes over 8 weeks which ensures that there will be something for everyone.

If you are looking for a quality and yet affordable program for your son or daugther then register as soon as possible. Space is limited so don't delay.

Be sure to call the church office for more details at 780-458-1937.