Well It's been a long long time since i have last posted and i do apologize for that.

Thank you for everyone that came and participated on Sunday Afternoon for curling and then came to pizza hut for some food and prizes. Everyone had a lot of fun and us newbees got to get the hang of what curling was really and truly like. (Next time I think I will make sure to bring my parka and snow pants in the ice area)

So some updates on what's going on:
  • Tonight is ALPHA at the church at 7pm
  • Pioneers on Thursday night (6:30pm) - -> followed by band practice at 8pm
  • Floor Hockey on Friday Night
  • Young Adults Saturday Night (talk to Jon and Tracy for details)

Our "Missions or No Missions" Self Denail Campaign is off and running so make sure to save up during the week so we can hit our goal each week.