The previous 36 hrs - musings by Capt Les

Sunday afternoon flew to Toronto ON, drove to Jackson's Point and attended the funeral of his best friends step son Daryl Harney on Monday. Daryl was killed in a car accident while working in Northern BC.

WOW - what a funeral - huge attendance - lovely yet very emotional service. Daryl obviously touched the lives of many!

Tuesday morning left the Salvation Army's Jackson's Point Camp and stopped at Nobleton Lakes Golf & Country club to visit Capt Les' brother who is the golf pro.

From there headed to Hamilton ON to visit with family and friends.

Wednesday morning went trailer shopping with his Mom, had lunch with his grandfather Capt Fred Marshall (R) and then Capt Les' dad drove him back to the airport in Toronto.

Arrived at the airport to discover that the 7pm flight had been cancelled. Now departing on a 9pm flight.

Capt Les had the privelage to sit around the airport and surf the net and update the blog.

Really looking forward to getting home. Capt Les misses Capt Tiffany, Adam, Courtney and shelby.

What a trip - see you all soon!

Thanks Mom & Dad for everything - Bless you both!