Things to remember

Sunday Sept 16, 2007
The worship service will be led by Mr & Mrs Stefan Van Schaick and Mr Jason Waters will bring forth the message. Captains Les & Tiffany Marshall will be in Winnipeg supporting our Cadets Jon & Tracy Savage as they are officially "marched in" to the college in Winnipeg.

Rally Day Weekend Sept 22-23, 2007
This weekend is coming very quickly. Be sure to come and enjoy yourself with the rest of the Church family as we celebrate our annual "Fall kick off' Party" otherwise known as Rally Day.

Saturday at 5:00pm we will gather for dinner immediately followed by a Movie night at the Church where we will watch the highly motivational movie entitled "Facing the Giants".

Sunday worship will take place at 11:00am to be followed immediately by a pot luck luncheon and farewell for Andy, Janet & Corey Kwak, Sonny, Karen, Morgan & Brayden Geddes.