The Weekend Summary

So many of you may be wondering what we learned from this past weekend. I must say that I am governed as to how much I can say since a "gag order" was put into place that said "what happened in Panorama stays in Panorama" . In saying this, I will give you some insight on the goings on from the weekend.....

-Red Deer - a car driving the wrong way on a one way with a gas hose hanging from the gas tank
-Where did Fred & Ken go - lost on route to Panorama
-Black bear sighting, stopped for a close look
-Capt Les eating stir fry in Invermere (whats wrong with this picture)
-Arriving in Panorama after 10hr drive, second vehicle arrives at 1am
-Sat Pancake/Sausage Breakfast, Hot Tub
-Worship Major Ken
-Session #1 Major Fred - Personality vs Character
-BBQ Lunch, Hot Tub
-Afternoon walk at Panorama, Transformers
-BBQ Steak Dinner, Hot Tub
-Worship Major Ken
-Session #2 Major Fred - "The Pert Plan"
-Salvation Army Euchre Tourney - Be sure to watch out for Walter
-Hot tub, Late night snacks
-Sun Breakfast - serve yourself
-Clean up and head to Church
-Major Fred lighting the communion candles
-Major Fred participating in the game show on the platform during the service
-Major Fred gives his testimony
-Lunch at "Invermere on the Lake"
-Tims visit, on the road
-Joe wants to feed the bull elk by hand at the side of the road
-Arrive home at 8:30pm