Another Great Weekend at St. Albert Corps!!!

We had another great weekend at The Salvation Army St. Albert! On Saturday, our Men's Group went golfing...yes, January... in Alberta!!! Aren't our Men SOOOO brave to face the cold winter weather for the love of golf? Not really...but we still think they're SUPER brave!! They golfed at the Virtual Golfing Facility called "The Sandtrap". There were 15 men in attendance, and as you can see from the pictures above, they received "virtual" awards for their virtual golfing...with our own Cam Rennie (C.S.M.) as the presenter. The golfers missing from the pictures above are Bill Isley, Darrin Isley, Mark Godefroy, Ken Percy, and Dave.
We had a great day of worship and fellowship together...God is so amazing!!! Pictured below are some pictures of our fellowship/coffee time following our service. All are welcome to attend our service each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.