Praise God!!

Wow! If you missed out on church today, you missed a hip hoppin' service! The worship today was unbelieveable! The thanksgiving decorations were done up so wonderfully and you could really feel the spirit moving in the sanctuary today! From Songs like Days of Elijah to Blessed Be Your Name to Forever to I Could Sing of Your Love Forever! It's amazing how many people really get into the music when we (the worship team) are playing it. From the stage it is an awesome thing to see people lifting their hands up to the Lord.

At the beginning of the sermon, Joe Ludlow took the "Crave" group out for the weekly crave bible study. They were watching the Chronicles of Narnia movie and picking out the christian perspectives from it. VERY CREATIVE!
Speaking of kids, was the nursery ever packed! We seem to have more and more kids under the age of 3. It's awesome! One day those kids could be the leaders of our church!
The Band also played a selection today in the service titled " Who Is He", very well done!
God works in mysterious ways and thats what is so amazing about his power and glory.
"Give Thanks to the Lord, Our God and King, HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER"

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!