2006 Christmas Campaign

Did you know, have you not heard......?

We are about to launch into our Christmas Fundraising campaign. This year we have prayerfully set our goal to raise $150,000.00 through our Kettles and Mail campaign. Please keep in mind that these funds go to our community neighbours who are in need - throughout the entire year not just at Christmas time.

Please remember that these dollars DO NOT come to the Church Ministries, these funds are kept seperate and dispersed through our Community and Family Services department.

The kettle kick off is on Nov 21 at 11:30 at the Leisure centre which marks the start of our kettle campaign and the Mail will be going out to 50,000 local area homes and business in the next seven days.

Be sure to see Mrs. Marcia Berrisford if you can help us in any way during the campaign.