Happy 2007!

Hey guys! HAPPY 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I think I am back up and ready to go now. How has everyone's christmas and new years been? I am sure EVERYONE is looking forward to the kids going back to school on the 8th so there will be some peace and quiet back in the house...am I right?

I was reading an article on the internet about the top ten new year's resolution: Maybe some of theses were yours?

1) Spend more time with friends and family
2) Fit in Fitness
3) Tame the Bulge
4) Quit Smoking
5) Enjoy life more
6) Quit drinking
7) Get out of debt
8) Learn something new
9) Get your life organized (whether it is organizing your basement to something as simple as organizing your fridge)

Did you know that fewer than 10% of people who set New Year's Resolutions actually achieve them? How can you ensure YOUR success? Try using the Top 10 Tips below.

1. Write Them Down. It's a fact: writing down your goals gives you a higher chance of success.
2. Commit. Move beyond the land of "good ideas" to promise yourself to show up for your goals.
3. Tell People. Let your biggest fans in on your new commitments and goals for the year.
4. Get Accountability. Even better than just letting others in on your "secret" dreams and goals-get some accountability. Meet for lunch once a month with a group that will ask you, "So, how's it going with your goal?" Get some support!
5. Make a Plan. Ensure success with a step-by-step plan. You'll find an easy plan to make your goal a reality.
6. Do a Goal Check-In. Before you decide on what you'll take on for the year, make certain you can answer, "YES!" to the following questions: "Am I the primary reason for setting this goal (vs. your mom, boyfriend, wife, boss, society)? Do I feel alive and energized by this goal? Is this goal in line with my life purpose or mission?"
7. Get Real! If you're contemplating putting a goal down that you always put down and never achieve, take a second look. How will this goal end DIFFERENTLY this year? Is this goal something you need to let go of? What purpose is it serving you? What's a good enough reason to finally achieve this goal?
8. Focus With Reminders. Once you've got your goals and plan in place, figure out ways to remind yourself.
9. Believe and Visualize. What will these goal do to you and your life in the future?

and remember to always keep God first and foremost in each and everyone's life! Without him, you can't achieve any of your goals for this coming year!!