Happy Labour Day Weekend

It is one of the most wonderful times of the year! LONG WEEKEND! It's a time to enjoy with your family and friends and just relax and have some fun.
For those of you that couldn't attend church yesterday, you missed out!. Captain Les had us busting a gut during the sermon. He was sharing with us the top 7 things that you won't hear in a Church and the top 7 bulletin bloopers. They were absolutely hilarious, if you looked around the room absolutley everyone was laughing. Aside from that Captain Les also reminded us about the importance of joy and laughter in the Christian life.
Let loose and just laugh at little

Fact: That Children laugh on average 400 times/day yet Adults only laugh on average 15 times/day.

???Can you believe it???

To say the least it was a really good day. I was glad to see all of the new people that came to Church! It is always great to see new faces wanting to either find a new place to worship or just a place to check out and see what it is all about! The More the Merrier! Hopefully we will see everyone again real soon!