Sunday Musings

Another busy day at the Church....

-Worship Team Practice took place at 9:00am
-The first "Toast Fellowship Club" started at 9:45am
-Sunday School occurred during the worship service
-Small groups sign up lists were distributed and everyone was encouraged to sign up and get involved in a group that interests them the most

During the Fall session there are five small groups that we can all choose from. They are...

1. Desperate Households - this group is aimed at parents looking for positive parenting support and direction based on God's Word.
2. Leave No Man Behind - based on this years Promise Keepers theme this group is for all men who desire to seek God's will for their own lives and how to make a difference.
3. Virtuous Women - this group focuses on issues that todays Women deal with such as stress and the balance of work and home.
4. The Gospel of Mark - this group for adults in general will work through the book of Mark and will see what it has to say and how it applies to living in todays world.
5. Does Your Life Mirror Your TV? - this group which is also for adults in general will look into TV shows such as Desperate Housewives, Extreme Makeover, CSI and the Apprentice to see what effect they have on our daily life and our perceptions.

Be sure to sign up before they commence on Oct 4th & 5th!

Todays Message - Capt Les then challenged us to keep the main thing the main thing. Using Haggai chapter 1:1-15 we were reminded that God must be our first priority in life, then our families and then our Jobs.

As we begin the fall program season and with all of the "worldly" pressures that seem to zap us of our time we must remain focused and keep our priorities in order.

Coffee Fellowship - following the service we enjoyed some fellowship over a cup of coffee and tea

Chateau Mission - at 3:00pm Jon & Tracy Savage led the service at our monthly visit to Chateau Mission Seniors Home. In spite of the fire alarm sounding off - the service was enjoyed by all.

That's it - the rest of the day is now family time where we will be spending some quality time with each other - may I suggest that you try the same thing at your home!