Just Checking In......

I was just checking in to make sure that you were all spending some extra family quality time with each other. Things like going for a drive, maybe going to a movie, out for a nice dinner or just playing some games in the comfort of your own home.

For all you youth attending Youth Councils this weekend just remember that we are leaving from the church at 4:30pm!!!

DON'T FORGET. that this weekend is the 2nd annual golf tournament and potluck at Cotoye Canyon. It starts this Saturday at 1pm.

Also....have you checked out the St.Albert Gazette today? If you noticed around the middle of the paper there is a picture of some of the youth in the Big Banana... WE GOT AN AD IN THE PAPER ABOUT IT!! woo hoo!!!!

Finally.. don't forget to sign up for small groups this Sunday!! It is not something you want to miss out on!! We have some awesome leaders leading some awesome fun filled groups that are going to be amazing!! Tough Decision..thats for sure!